james edaki
for small business growth

What i do?

website planning, WEBSITE designing, and digital marketing for small business and business idea

You sell products or render service, you need a website for your small business?

You want to start up a small e-commence business or buy and sell products online?

James Edaki is here to give you the best service. I plan your website, design your website, and market your business. 


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I identify your website purpose as well as your target audience. Set measurable specific goals for your website that are in line with your marketing goals. Create a content strategy including gallery or anything that gives your visitors information. Structure your website – the pages and features to meet your small business needs. Create a budget for your website expenses. Create a wireframe (outline) to give you an idea of what your website will look like.



I give your website a good design. I design with both usability and aesthetics. Easy to Navigate with a good background, color and text color that contrast well. Light and quick to load. I learn from your competitors and strive to give you the best design.



You get SEO service; Email Marketing service; And Social Media Marketing service. 

Why work with me?


You get reasonable affordable charges for my service.


Three years of experience in WordPress designing.


I am available anytime you need my service to make changes on your website.

Excellent commitment

I give you the best service for your business. 


You get a step by step guild on how to manage your website dashboard, review and confirm your customer order.

Mon-Sat: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm - 5:00pm


15 Rue Romain Rolland 44100 Nantes, France

Call - +33758492192